Has Fine Jewelry Lost It’s Luster?

For many unfortunately it has. The question is why? Before I get started, if you have lost your job or have lost a serious amount of your income I don’t want to offend your need to cut back or make light of your situation, but if you have been frighten into believing that fine jewelry is a selfish indulgence and you have been duped all these years by buying it by large conglomerates to your small mom and pop jeweler, I take offense and issue with who now is making your buying decisions for you.

By the shear fact that gold and diamonds and high end gemstones have gone through the roof should let you know that in these poor economic times your jewelry is maybe the only thing you own that has gone up in value. But value is not what I am talking about. Longevity is. As I have stated before finely crafted high quality gems and jewelry have always with stood the test of time. It is one of the few things you own that a descendant of yours may be able to put on and say grandma or great grandma from another time or place wore. These are your heir looms and not some momentary indulgence. Their was a story I once came across regarding the history of one of NYC largest diamond houses that I want to share with you now.

During the early part of of World War II as Germany was closing it’s borders and not allowing any Jews to leave the country. A Young Pregnant Jewish woman and her husband came up to a border check point with their fake IDs in hand. The border guard recognize the IDs as fake and plan to turn them over to police. With all their assets seized and their bank accounts frozen she took her diamond engagement ring off her hand and put it in the guards hand. With out a word spoken the guard gesture for them to move through to safe passage and one young family was speared what was most certain death. The rest of that couples family according to the son born of that women was never heard from again.

This may be a dramatic story but in the over thirty five years I have worked in the fine jewelry industry the shear indifference and lack of understanding for the effort, energy and rarity of both the metals and gemstones that I am seeing today is mind blowing to me. I would go as far as to say there is a lack of respect for maybe the oldest manufacturing industry. What other industries are providing you with something you can enjoy everyday then pass it on? What do you own that could possibly out live you 10 fold? The largest mistake someone can make about the fine jewelry industry is because it is fashionable it is trendy. Truly high quality expertly crafted jewelry is not trendy it is trend setting. All the poor quality knock offs are trendy.

I never get tired of seeing the works of of great jewelry artisans. Owning special wonderfully unique pieces made with exquisite materials will enrich you many times their cost. I guarantee it.

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