The Price Of Gold

Their has been a lot of discussion from my clients about the gold price and it’s effect on the cost of the jewelry. Some have told me they are waiting for gold to go back down. Others have said it is just not worth it. I would simply say: what gives gold it’s value are two things. It’s unique characteristics. It’s color, luster, malleability, and it’s non corrosive nature. The other is the value of the all mighty dollar.

Not that all mighty right now. Besides gold being used in jewelry it has for millennium been used to back or off set currency. Today investors are diversifying their assets and including gold as a way to off set losses in equity. In my opinion their is still no metal more appropriate for use in jewelry. If your desire is to mark a special occasion with a unique and lasting gift than gold is still your best choice, and that is because of it’s beauty and it’s real value.

Thank you for reading this blog. This is my first entry. It will be my goal to use this media as a way to give insight to current events, trends, and happenings from one jewelers perspective. Jewelers as a whole have a very practical take on the world because of they are often a bridge from the extremely affluent to the extremely impoverished and everyone and thing in between. Our business can at time be very grass roots to very high tech. Our sales tell us exactly how the economy is doing, changing, and what the trends are from products, designs, colors, and price points. I find most jewelers to be creative minded, philosophical, businessmen (women). So again thank you for following these blogs and hopefully I can give you some insight to this some times private industry. Feel free to contact me with things that may be on your mine relative to this industry. Remember I can’t speak for the industry but only for my self. But I am never shy about sharing MY OPINIONS.

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One Response to The Price Of Gold

  1. Chris Archer says:

    What a great site. It certainly has evolved! Your blog is informative and timely. I think many people feel that they are trapped into not purchasing because of loss of their discretionary income. I check gold prices every morning but it difficult to decides what jewelry to “dump” because of all the reasons you list: Purchases were made because I truly loved the piece or it represents a special event in my life. Gold and diamonds carry our hearts and minds. I guess mine are not for sale. I hope you do well this season! Chris

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